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Making Sense of the World – is about what the hell we can do with the situation we are in now.


Anytime anyone says anything against what the establishment says is true, is labelled conspiracy theories.

What happened to people researching events and uncovering the dirty facts? They don’t do it now, or more specifically any work done is not allowed to be produced on MSM only Twitter or othe social media allow people to comment and that is being subjected to to censure.

What happened to investigative journalism, where any dodgy stuff was shown-up as fake and the truth uncovered.

I’ll tell you what happened, the bastards took over the world and all the money (wealth) within it.

Within ‘Follow The Money’ I am showing it is not a ‘conspiracy theory’ how the money was and is taken, but actual facts about what has happened in history. Stuff like Jekyll Island plot and how the gold standard was destroyed.

When did central banks become the requirement of an nation

Jesus threw the money trading usuries out of the temple

Charging interest for lending money used to be illegal.

A mortgage can be loaned for nothing and then people pay for a long long time



Banks got bailed out when the going got tough, but did anyone who missed their payments on the house get any respite?

The Federal Reserve and Bank of England are not owned by their nations people (USA and UK) but are Central Banks owned by private individuals, who created the system whereby they could dictate the money supply, the inflation rate and the economics of that nation.

As if that wasn’t enough the bankers have created events too, which obviously they had prior knowledge that not only increased their wealth, but also also established stuff that perpetuated their wealth throughout the years

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smug bastards – grand estates – exercise their horses – get the public mind-controlled for the the next wave

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Only people that have advance knowledge of these events can plan for the outcome

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Whether you believe the Payseur Family History story or Fritz Springmeier’s account, is not really an issue. More to the point is how a very few historical families managed to take over and run the world. Whilst doing so, they have usurped the finances, labor and power of the masses, condemning them to ‘in perpetuity’ slavery.


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8 Responses to Follow The Money

  1. Shoshoni says:

    How did the Merovingians take back control of France from the Carolingians?

  2. Tara Medrano says:

    (((WHO))) is currently in control of the Federal Reserve as of 8/16/20, and (((WHO))) is the TRUSTEE ?

  3. Michelle says:

    I can only be reminded of King Solomon who I only know very little about however
    he seems the exception to the rule. So benevolent and so connected to the Holy Master of the Universe. It’s hard for most men to be that humble. Perhaps this is why it has been said that it will be THE WOMEN who will bring the ULTIMATE WORLD PEACE AND LOVE. YES. WOMEN LIKE YOU AND CHRISTINE are very important for The Great Awakening. Keep doing the good you do. God will protect you. 🤗😘😍🥰
    We will soon all be celebrating in a holy world of peace and love 💕

  4. Jay says:

    I’m searching for more information on the Payseur family. My daughter’s moms maiden name was Payseur. My daughters grandmother said that their family lineage goes back to Holland but didn’t have much information beyond the knowledge of Dutch descendants.

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