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Digital Audiobooks

AudiobooksNow - Digital Audiobooks for Less

Listening has Never Been More Convenient and Affordable – Get 50% off your first audiobook – AudiobooksNow is Different

With AudiobooksNow you save on every audiobook you purchase. We do not use gimmicky credits to hide the true costs. Whether you want to save big through our Club Pricing Plan or simply purchase at our everyday low prices.

We offer one of the largest selections of audiobooks anywhere. You can download or stream your audiobooks through our website or free apps, and all our apps include in-app purchasing.

AudiobooksNow is the premier service for downloading and streaming audiobooks. With our innovative Club Pricing Plan, users can save 50% off their first audiobook purchase and 35-40% off each additional purchase each month ***30 Day Free Trial*** . Or, simply purchase your audiobooks at our everyday low prices (no plan required).

AudiobooksNow is simply the most convenient way to get the audiobooks you want at the lowest prices. If you are already a member of, you automatically qualify for the discounted club pricing at no additional charge (a $4.99/month savings).

The AudiobooksNow App can be found in the Google Play Store or Apple Apps Store by searching for the word AudiobooksNow, it is free to install. If you love listening to audiobooks and saving money, this app is for you.


Red Shelf

Red Shelf

Spend less and study smarter with Digital Textbooks from RedShelf – Up to 80% less expensive than print

Anywhere access from any device – Built-in study tools – Lightweight and eco-friendly

Offering nearly one million digital titles, RedShelf has the books you need at a fraction of the price. But that’s only part of the reason students choose us. We don’t just give you a deal—we give you an edge.

As one of the nation’s leading edtech companies, RedShelf has helped thousands of colleges, businesses, and publishers transition effortlessly to more affordable, efficient digital textbooks, training materials, and learning content.

Partner with thousands of publishers & content creators who want to maximize their digital futures.

Rapidly transform creator content into dynamic eBooks, and integrate with creator courseware platforms.

Partner with thousands of colleges & businesses who want a more engaging and cost-effective way to deliver content to learners.

Give those partners access to our vast catalog of digital titles and to our efficient distribution software.

Deliver a more affordable, engaging, frictionless learning experience for millions of learners.


Writerock Limited

resume writing service - 300 x 250

Our online resume writer service is one of the largest, professional resume services available online. We employ only the best expert resume writers for our cv services and make sure that each resume we produce is unique.

We have a high customer satisfaction rate with our professional services. Our specialists from the best resume writing services online believe you need a high-quality, professionally written resume to begin any job search, improve your chances of success and start getting noticed!

Anything less than the very best is just not going to cut it. Recruiters often spend far less than a minute looking through your resume so if your resume writing is unable to communicate the information that they are looking for quickly and efficiently then they are going to be placing your resume in the “no thanks” stack instead of inviting you for an interview.

This is why you need our professional resume writing services to help you get your resume written perfectly in a manner that will make the information that the recruiter wants to see stand out.

Our professional resume writers know exactly how to format your resume in a way that is going to promote the information that the recruiter is specifically looking for and will get you noticed within that quick look over that the recruiter will perform.



Jobscan Banner


Over 90% of large companies use Applicant Tracking Systems.

These systems analyze resumes and CVs to surface candidates that best match the position, but qualified applicants slip through the cracks.

We have researched the top systems and built our resume checker based on their common patterns to help you get noticed.

Jobscan was born as a result of a job seeker’s frustration.

When CEO James Hu found himself on the job hunt in 2013, he discovered that companies were using software to scan resumes for keywords.

Discovering that job searching shouldn’t be a one size fits all approach, he built Jobscan from scratch to help job seekers automate the process.

Now Jobscan is not just helping one job seeker, but hundreds of thousands worldwide by building the best tools to empower job seekers so they can land their dream jobs.

We also partner with leading higher education institutions and career services organizations to improve employment outcomes for students and underserved populations and increase career coaching efficiency.


Transformify Ltd.

Transformify HR Software - 300 x 250

Founded in 2015 in the UK, Transformify is a HR Software company helping recruiters all over the world to source qualified candidates, automate the hiring process, address diversity recruitment needs, run CSR programs and transfer payments to freelancers worldwide.

As a member of the Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition of the European Commission, Transformify is focused on closing the digital skills gap by providing information about the skills on demand to the job seekers and educational institutions.

Our logo was designed by a girl who suffered terrible abuse and was living in a safe shelter. The lady running the shelter told us ‘’ By giving her a job, you give her wings to fly as she will become financially independent.’’

Since then, Transformify’s mission is to give people in need all over the world wings to fly by helping businesses and recruiters to create jobs for them and transfer payment in any currency.

Just imagine – fewer crowds in the underground, less pollution, fewer traffic jams, less time commuting and more time for your family and friends, fewer abandoned rural areas…

And a chance for all those people who would benefit from working from home – people with disabilities, people diagnosed with autism, single parents, people living in areas with high unemployment rates, parents of children with special needs – to make a decent living and support themselves and their families.

A secure payment received into your e-wallet no matter where your employer is based and regardless of different currencies.


Resume Writers

Resume Writers

Our experience makes all the difference.

For nearly two decades, has brought the most qualified professional resume writers in the world to the job-seeking public.

We only partner with the most experienced, nationally recognized and highly in demand writers in the industry.

We will match you with professionals who know how to compose winning, dynamic documents that are guaranteed to land you interviews.

You will work with a writer who is qualified to write the document that best suits your needs.

You will work one-on-one, directly and personally, with an experienced professional until you have a resume you are satisfied with.

No call-centers, no middlemen, and (unlike some resume “companies”) no outsourced overseas typists.

We partner you exclusively with the most experienced, respected, certified North-American-based resume professionals in the world.


Plus Size Curvy Models Wanted - 250 x 250 was founded in 2001 by a team of international model scouts and agents.

Each of whom have a minimum of 35 years experience developing, managing, and placing models with international modeling agencies.

Our staff has managed the careers of hundreds of fashion and commercial models, and we fully understand the various aspects of the modeling industry from contract negotiations, the relationships between international and mother agencies, travel arrangements, overseas accommodations, work visa’s in foreign countries, and more.

Models discovered through ModelScouts have worked for all the top clients including: Vogue, Glamour, Cosmopolitan, Elle, Amica, GQ, Esquire, Seventeen, Cosmo Girl, Elle Girl, Gear, Marie Claire, Harper’s Bazaar.

They have worked for the most prestigious clients including: Giorgio Armani, Prada, Marc Jacobs, Givenchy, Versace, Abercrombie & Fitch, Dolce & Gabbana, Christian Lacroix, Bagley Mischka, Gucci, Chanel, Bill Blass, Valentino, Galiano, Yves St Laurent, Clairol, Pantene, Ponds, Matrix, Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue, Holt Renfrew, and more.



All Book Reviews - 20% off at - 300 x 250 is a book review site founded in February of 2009. Our editorial policy is to review all books and try to bring increased recognition to the thousands of great – and often overlooked – independently published titles released each year.

We strive to give all authors an equal opportunity in promoting their works to the reading public. We hope that we can continue being a leader in the introduction of new authors to the reading public.

We want this site to be a fun place for readers to interact with the authors, listen to excerpts narrated by the author and read our interviews with them.

All authors need book reviews… the hard part is getting them. When you first start looking for book reviews, you may see the top review sites in Google, but quickly you’ll learn that most of them only review books from the largest publishers because that’s where they get their money. We want to help all authors.

David Hearne is the editorial director of — an online book review site with a special softspot for Indie authors. David has been writing books and articles since 1990 when his first book “Enable Command Performance,” was published by Key Computer Publications.

Since then he has had four other books published and has written articles for Computer Currents, Computer Language, Connected, Midnight Engineering and other publications. He has won numerous awards from the Southeast Texas Press Club, and his books have been award-winning.


American Bible Society - 125 x 125

After almost 200 years of ongoing ministry, American Bible Society invites people to experience the life-changing message of the Bible. Offering an increasing range of innovative ministries to address core life questions and struggles, the Bible Society partners with Christian churches and national Bible societies to share God’s Word both in the United States and around the globe.

American Bible Society brings the love of Jesus Christ and the life-changing message of the Bible where it’s needed most. We challenge the notion that the Bible is a dusty, outdated rulebook. By serving today’s generations, we provide anytime, anywhere Scripture resources where translation is lacking, access is blocked, crisis is present and life doesn’t make sense.

The excellence of American Bible Society’s mission has earned the trust of hundreds of thousands of supporters and volunteers to bring the life-changing message of God’s Word to over 200 countries and territories. We partner with churches, national Christian ministries and a global fellowship of United Bible Societies to help touch millions of the lives hungry for the hope of the Bible.


Book Lender

Rent Books or Audiobooks - 125 x 125

Discover new authors and genres with our unlimited book or audiobook rental service. Our members enjoy the highest commitment to customer service, satisfaction, and unmatched value. We help our members save time and money with the simplest and most convenient book rental service anywhere.

Launched in September 2000, is the oldest online book rental service. Founded by veteran business-men Douglas Ross and Andrew Bilinski, BookLender set out to revolutionize the way consumers acquired reading materials online.

Oprah Magazine said BookLender is the book version of Netflix. Originally launched as a paperback book rental service of bestselling paperback fiction books, BookLender has expanded into children’s books, nonfiction books, and audiobooks.

Since 2000, BookLender has grown its selection from 25,000 titles to over a quarter of a million titles.

Located just outside of Washington, D.C. in tech rich Northern Virginia, BookLender is strategically located near one of the country’s largest book distribution warehouses (Ingram Book Group), and a USPS bulk mail center.

BookLender donates overstock titles to Walter Reed Medical Center and is proud to support our wounded warriors. BookLender also donates books to various libraries.



Share your love of books with them! - 216 x 384

Hi there! We wish we could greet you in person, but most likely we’re doing mom things, like keeping our kids alive. If you catch us in a good moment, that means we’re snuggled up with our kids reading stacks of books and eating some Ben & Jerry’s Cherry Garcia ice cream straight from the carton. If you catch us in a not-so-good moment… well, you know how that goes 😉

But what you should know about us, is we’re three sisters-in-law, brought together not only by our husbands, but also our LOVE of reading. We’re passionate about building our own libraries and our children’s love of reading. Bookroo is our little way of helping other families do the same.

Our mission is to enable and empower parents to build their children’s book collections in an affordable and exciting way through curated monthly book deliveries. We believe in the power and impact of the written word in the life of a child, and believe it’s never too early to start reading to children!

Tiffany and her husband were living in a studio in New York City when they had their first son. To prepare for the baby, Tiffany had picked out five books–classics, like Goodnight Moon and The Very Hungry Caterpillar–and remembered thinking, “Five books for a newborn? That’s lots!”

But then she and her husband started reading the books to their baby every day. And reading them. And re-reading them. And it didn’t take long to realize, “Hey, we need some more books!”

But it was harder to grow their library than Tiffany thought. There weren’t as many bookstores as she’d expected in easy walking distance, nor was a trip to a bookstore with a munchkin in tow always as idyllic as anticipated.

Turning to online sources, she found it time intensive to sift through the plethora of children’s books available, and even after finding something she thought her son might like, she always felt like hitting the buy button was still a little bit of a gamble. She realized that there had to be a better way to build her son’s library without such hassle yet still be sure to get really great books!

Teaming up with her sisters-in-law Jane and Rebecca, the three of them set out to build Bookroo to meet exactly this need: to make it convenient for parents and magical for kids to fall in love with reading and grow their book collections!


Self-Counsel Press

Self-Counsel Press - 365 x 365

Welcome to Self-Counsel Press, the premier source for self-help law books and books for small business!

We are proud to have been the pioneer publisher of self-help law titles in North America when we launched our first Divorce Guide in 1971.

Our books and forms kits are designed to help you help yourself, whether you are writing a will, completing an uncontested divorce, starting a new business, managing an existing business, or dealing with tax and financial issues.



Crossflix New Release - Something in the woods - 300 x 250

At Crossflix, we provide the best Christian videos and films for adults and families. Our mission and the mission of our parent company, Christ Vue Inc. (Christ Vue) is to share and strengthen faith in Christ through content that delivers a strong faith message. Our Christian videos provide an alternative to secular television programming that is all too often filled with explicit or graphic material.

Crossflix offers a wide variety of Christian videos and films for adults, youth, children and families including:

Whether you are looking for Christian videos for youth ministry, or a particular Christian youth video series, with thousands of faith-based films and videos, you can find content to inspire, motivate and teach youth about God’s word.

Quality is important at Crossflix. We carefully screen all Christian films and videos that are available on our site. You will have peace of mind knowing that your family is watching the best Christian movies for kids, high-quality Christian cartoons for children, and Christian family-friendly movies.

We recognize that while our viewers appreciate content that is educational and inspirational, sometimes they simply want to be entertained. Our huge vault of videos includes Christian comedy from some of the funniest Christian comedians. We also have funny videos for student ministry, funny church bloopers, and all sorts of funny church moments.

Crossflix also supports Christian musicians and songwriters. Download Christian video songs from some of your favorite Christian artists. You can find the top Christian songs 2018 plus Christian song videos from previous years. And 2019 Christian music videos will also be available for download as they become accessible. We stay current on both films and music.

Each week we provide our members with access to new Christian movies. Watch the latest Christian films with us. Our parent company, Christ Vue works closely with Christian artists, actors and actresses, producers, directors, and filmmakers to ensure that you get the most current Christian movies along with all your favorite classics.


Very Fine Books

Very Fine Books - 250 x 250

Member Benefits

Subscribe to our Free email newsletter and enjoy…

Rare book auctions

Special reduced price offers

Book Signing Events and Information

Advance notice on our contests

Special featured listings

Original articles on book collecting and value

Interesting content from the publishing world

Featured stories on selected authors

..and much more!

Journeys of Faith

Treasures of the Church

Welcome to Journeys of Faith | Founded by Bob and Penny Lord, renowned Catholic authors and hosts on EWTN, Eternal Word Global Catholic Television Network.

Our Mission is Evangelization through the media gifts that God has allowed to be created in our times!

***Our Core Beliefs***”

The Eucharist is the Source and Summit of our Faith.” Catechism 1327

“This is the will of God, your sanctification.” 1 Thessalonians 4“

… lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven…”Matthew 6:19-21

” Our Goal is Heaven.”

We focus our media on Jesus in the Eucharist, Mother Mary and the Saints and Catholic Faith!

Bob and Penny Lord left us a strong Foundation media on The Eucharist, Mother Mary, and the Saints upon which we now expand and develop Evangelization media tools.

We are involved with Pilgrimages, Retreats and other activities at Holy Family Mission.
We are loyal to the Magisterium of the Catholic Church.

Bob and Penny Lord aka Experts on the Saints and our Lives of the Saints collection contains hundreds of Saints! They also introduced the Miracles of the Eucharist to America through their book and Mother Angelica EWTN Global Television.



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