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Cameron’s Seafood

Cameron's Seafood - 300 x 250

Hi, my name is Cameron. I’m the name behind Cameron’s Seafood, the largest fresh seafood retailer in the state of Maryland.

Cameron’s Seafood was founded in 1985 by my father, Allen Manesh and my uncle Bijan Manesh. True to their Persian heritage, their mission was not only to sell seafood but also to prepare and serve it to their customers at an affordable price so that everyone could enjoy delicious seafood. The family now operates 14 locations across the Maryland-Washington-Pennsylvania market.

If you have lived or visited the state of Maryland you know that we take seafood very seriously. There are few things that gets us Marylanders more excited than tearing into a bushel of delicious blue crabs encrusted with crab seasoning surrounded by our friends and family.

“One morning, a crab-lover from West Virginia rolled up to one of our family-owned food trucks in Hagerstown, MD, to buy a bushel of Maryland blue crabs. He told my cousin Pey, who was working on the food truck that day, that he was so sick of paying exorbitant prices for dodgy crabs in WV, and to him it was worth driving 6 hours, round trip, to come get the real Maryland crabs from us.”

That same night, Pey came to me with the idea to start shipping our crabs and crab products directly to people’s homes. Within weeks, we had launched a brand new website with an online store and started shipping our family’s products to blue-crab junkies and seafood-lovers across North America!

Every year, thousands of customers flock to our 14 retail stores and food trucks across Maryland, Washington DC & Pennsylvania to get their fill of Maryland blue crabs.


Nick’s Ice Creams

Nick's Ice Creams - 600 x 400

In 2014, Niclas “Nick” Luthman, co-founder of LUB Foods, was diagnosed as a pre-diabetic, so he was forced to change his diet and lifestyle. Nick obsessively learned about nutrition and started following a strict low-carb, anti-inflammatory diet, basically a keto diet long before the word was trendy. Eventually, he was able to get his health under control, but the diet was boring: He missed all the foods and snacks he loved.

Pioneering a new delicious – A mechanical engineer by trade, Nick’s self-taught food engineering skills paid off after thousands of experiments. He started on a path to tasty treats that didn’t need to compromise flavor for healthiness.

Nick turned down the offer of Chief Food Engineer for the Swedish Space Agency. His famous response, “It’s Earth that needs tasty no-sugar-added treats.”

Stepping into the market – How hard could the ice cream business be, right? Nick gathered friends and food scientists, all with a passion for ice cream and health, and launched Nick’s. And it was hard work! But mighty tasty.

On a recreational archeological dig, Nick uncovers ancient Viking texts with a recipe for iced mammoth milk. The first ice cream perhaps?

Winning the market – Over the next few years, Nick didn’t get much sleep and Nick’s became a world leader in sugar replacement. The trick? Make it tasty! Tasty, healthy, no-compromise treats that can compete with even the biggest brands.



NapaCabs - 300 x 250

Here at NapaCabs.com, total customer service and satisfaction is our goal. To ensure we reach our goal, we draw upon decades of wine retail experience, passed down to us by our parent company, founded in 1978.

Since we were established in 2004, we have been a family owned and operated business, selling only the highest quality wine at the best prices to our local community.

While based in Southern California, we expanded our service to include shipping to states across the country, in order to share our selection of rare, vintage, domestic, and imported wines; and top tier spirits with the national community.

Of course, our famous customer service team is here to help with any and all questions you may have.

We hope you have an enjoyable experience on our site; our top notch shipping team is working hard to make sure your order with us gets to you safely and in a timely manner.

Reach out to us with any comments or questions you many have, we love hearing from our customers.

We are sure to have a bottle for you, be it a Croatian Zin, a French Pinot, or a Napa Cab.


Better Rhodes

Better Rhodes - 225 x 225

The idea of Better Rhodes was rooted in a fairly simple question it seems a lot of people reading this can relate to – where can we find, learn and try alcohol free products?

This really came to light for me while on vacation with my family. I was working from a Hermosa Beach coffee shop, procrastinating about whatever I was doing … and knowing I wasn’t drinking but wanted something better than the average alcohol-free beer from the grocery. I didn’t want it to suck!

I spent the afternoon finding more than I’d hoped for! But to get enough to sample it cost a lot in shipping and quantity, just to try. Minimum orders mixed with approaching expiration dates meant I had months worth of beer with only weeks to drink them.

It became clear that trying out alcohol free drinks was time consuming, hard and largely a guessing game. Maybe I wasn’t the only one? It was also great to see that beer isn’t the only category seeing innovation in alcohol-free. Wines, sparkling, spirits, ready to drink and other adult beverage categories were also out there.

Alcohol is many things but one thing it isn’t is a way to focus and be present. Putting alcohol in a different place in our lives can be empowering. For some this is moderation. Others, it’s a focus on taste or getting that ‘buzz’ from other experiences: running, 4/20 (cannabis)), diet, mindfulness. The roads are yours to choose. Regardless, we are all one community. All Together.

From the range of journeys people may take and with the emerging premium beverages out there, Better Rhodes began…’Better’ in the sense many of us are all striving for improvement and to be the best versions of ourselves. ‘Rhodes’ from its combined meanings: from Old English meaning of ‘clearing in the woods’, and from Greek island home of the mythical Colossus – the statue to Helios, God of the sun.


Single Source

single source delta8 - 728 x 90

Single Source is a full service CBD / HEMP / DELTA8 Company that makes everything in house.

Single Source is a hemp processing company located in the heart of NC. We use supercritical CO2 extraction to ensure the highest potency and to deliver the cleanest end product to market as possible. Our products are made in-house and lab-tested by DEA registered labs. We use the highest quality terpenes available blended by our in-house chemist.

Try our products, and you will feel the difference!


Home Bistro



Cat Cora is a world-renowned celebrity chef, author, restaurateur, contributing editor, television host and personality, actress, avid philanthropist, health, wellness and fitness expert, lifestyle entrepreneur and proud mother of six.

Cat continues to shatter glass ceilings, inspire millions and be a leader in her industry as she synchronizes her award-winning talents with mainstream accessibility.

Cat has opened more than 18 restaurants and 500 pop-ups across the United States and globally, highlighting her platform on health, wellness and sustainability.


Gold Medal Wine Club

Gold Medal Wine Club - 728 x 90

Gold Medal Wine Club is the country’s longest running, same-ownership wine of the month club in existence. We offer exceptional wines featured in all six different, award-winning wine clubs, plus wine gifts that will please virtually everyone’s budget and palate.

Customize your shipments to arrive monthly, every-other-month, or quarterly. We’re now celebrating 28+ years in business and over 2,500,000 wine shipments have been sent to wine club members across the country.

The wines featured in each of our 6 Wine Clubs must meet strict selection criteria that includes medals from major wine competitions, and high ratings from national wine publications such as Wine Spectator, Wine Enthusiast, Wine & Spirits, and Robert Parker’s The Wine Advocate. So, you know these are wines worthy of your attention.

Gold Medal Wine Club specializes in delivering small-production, award-winning wines from California and the world’s best boutique wineries. We only feature authentic, family-owned wineries that handcraft their wines in small batches.

Unlike other wine clubs we NEVER feature bulk or private label wines. Each of our six Wine Clubs showcases hard-to-find wines that are not typically found in your local stores. Learn more about our Wine Club selection criteria.

Our online Wine Store just might be the best kept secret in the wine industry. All visitors to the Gold Medal Wine Store receive incredible discounts off winery retail prices. Join the Wine Club or give a Wine Club Gift and get even greater discounts.

Additional discounts are reserved for those who join more than one Wine Club and for those who purchase 6+ bottles. Shop the Wine Store for exceptional wines of up to 40% off winery retail prices. Save even more on Sale Wines.

We offer 6 different and intriguing Wine Club options so you can easily find one or more that suits your particular wine preferences and your budget. Every month, or as often as you like, enjoy small-production, highly-rated wines from California and the world’s best small wineries.


Food Huggers Inc

Food Huggers Inc - 250 x 250

Food Huggers creates tools that make it easy to adopt sustainable practices at home. We offer customers solutions that make sustainable habits easy and fun to do without giving up convenience or style.

Our inspiration is delicious fresh food and our goal is to help people reduce waste at home.

Food Huggers® launched on Kickstarter in 2013 and raised an incredible $184,000 from more than 5,000 individual supporters. We are sure that everyone wants to build better sustainability habits in their lives.

Food Huggers makes products that reduce food waste and reduce plastic waste while still being super easy and enjoyable to use.

Since our launch in 2013, we have sold our reusable food savers around the world from New Jersey to New Zealand! The Food Huggers team has also grown into a dynamic group of clever and friendly people based in Canada, USA, Spain, Jamaica, and Kenya.

We are looking forward to working with you and hope that together we can help as many people as possible develop healthier habits in their homes.

Our first and namesake product, Food Huggers® ensure that fruits and vegetables are kept fresh long enough for them to be enjoyed instead of tossed in the trash.

Our goal is to design the best possible tool kit to reduce waste at home. Food Huggers® help to ensure that all your fruits and vegetables are kept fresh for as long as possible and that helps cut back on landfill and wasted money.


Wired For Wine

Wired For Wine - 728 x 90

Top-rated wines delivered contact-free

Member Details

12 wines every 3 months.

Tasting notes and serving suggestions for every wine.

Thoughtful food pairing suggestions for each wine.

If you are not 100% satisfied, we will be happy to accept a return for a full refund within 30 days of delivery.

Free ground shipping to your home or office – adult signature required.

The “White” club may include Rose and sparkling.

Shipping notifications sent to your email to let you know it is coming.


Blues Hog, LLC

Blues Hog, LLC - 500 x 500

Blues Hog® Barbecue began in the rolling hills of Tennessee with pork shoulders and whole hogs cooked over hickory coals for family and community.

Created by legendary pitmaster Bill Arnold, Blues Hog sauces have won more national and international awards than any other commercial barbecue sauce on the market.

Our products are made with the highest quality ingredients, which is why Blues Hog® has been deemed the “Award-Winning, Choice of Champions” by BBQ pitmasters and top chefs around the world!

Blues Hog® has won “Best Sauce on the Planet” seven times at the prestigious American Royal! Blues Hog® now boasts a full line of premium BBQ products from sauces, rubs, marinades, lump charcoal, and wood chunks.



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